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Does your office accept my vision insurance?

We accept a wide variety of vision insurance plans such as VSP, MES Vision, and Davis Vision. We are also providers for select medical plans and any PPO plans (Anthem, Blue Shield, Blue Cross, United Health Care, and Cigna.) If your plan is not listed here, please call our office about your insurance. We look forward to helping you maximize your insurance benefits!

How long will my eye examination appointment take?

We offer comprehensive eye examinations that typically require 90 minutes including a dilated retinal exam. As an alternative to having a dilated retinal exam, we also offer Optomap Retinal Imaging which allows a view of the retina often without the need for a dilated retinal exam.

What happens during a contact lens training?

A team member will help you get started with contacts, showing you how to correctly apply and remove the lenses. We will also teach you how to properly care for your new contact lenses, and follow up with your progress in a week.

What is a contact lens evaluation?

A contact lens evaluation is for current for contact lens wearers and includes a careful evaluation of your contact lens fit and vision. It is very important that the contact lenses be checked regularly to ensure a lens fit that is optimal, safe, and healthy.

What is a contact lens fitting?

A contact lens fitting is a series of visits for patients who are new to contact lenses, or for those who are changing the type of lenses that they will be wearing. During a contact lens fitting, your doctor will discuss your lens options and choose the most suitable lenses for your eyes and your needs. If you are new to wearing contact lenses, you will also be shown how to properly insert, remove, and care for them. After spending some time wearing your new lenses over the first one to two weeks, your doctor will re-evaluate your fit to ensure that the lenses are working properly and are a healthy option for you. Several sets of lenses and several fitting visits may be necessary to arrive at the most optimal and acceptable contact lenses.

What is your office appointment cancellation fee?

We ask that you make every effort to keep your appointment once it has been made. If you should need to change your appointment time, it is helpful to let our office know as far in advance as possible so that it may be available to someone else. In order to avoid our $35 late cancellation/no show fee, we require at least 24 hours notice.

What should I bring to my eye exam appointment?

New patients should download and fill out our new patient forms. Bring your most recent pair of eyeglasses, as well as any other prescription eyeglasses that you currently wear, including those for work, computer use, reading, and sun protection. If you are new to our office and wear contact lenses, please bring your latest contact lens prescription or the current boxes or packaging for your contact lenses. All contact lens wearers should wear their contact lenses for at least 4 hours before their appointment whenever possible. Bring your glasses, as you will not be able to wear your contact lenses right after the dilation drops are put into your eyes.

I'm seeing fine! Why do I need to have my eyes examined?

Clear vision does not necessarily mean optical visual performance! Many patients, especially those who work on computers, can't believe the improvement we can give them when they thought their eyes were fine originally. In fact, most people with mild focusing or muscle coordination deficiencies may not realize how much they have to compensate for these problems. Their symptoms may be so subtle that they may not even associate them with their eyes (sleepiness, loss of concentration, etc.) An important part of each eye examination is a thorough check of your eye health. We want to make sure that there are no signs of eye diseases or general health problems that may be manifested in the eyes. In addition to eye conditions such as glaucoma, retinal diseases, cataracts, and so on, we also look for signs of hypertension, diabetes, hardening of the arteries, thyroid disease, and other general health conditions. Our goal is to detect subtle vision and eye health problems before they become major problems! We all want to protect our gift of sight. That is why it is important to have annual eye examinations.

Can I re-use my existing frame to put new lenses into?

We are able to use an existing frame if you keep a few things in mind. Older frames are not under warranty and if a frame part breaks, parts are not available. When this happens, it necessitates buying a whole new pair of glasses because lenses cannot usually be re-cut or put into another frame. As long as the frame is in good serviceable condition, it can be reused. Use of your own frame is always at your own risk. Our opticians will help to assess your existing frame and advise you about the suitability of reusing it. If you do choose to use your own frame, your optician will ask you to sign a waiver notating that our office will not be liable if the lab happens to break your frame.


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